Online Robotic Stocktrader




The system comes with 5 long and 5 short strategy templates for simulating that can be easily modified and customized. Once you purchase the software the technical support team will assist you with setup and walk you through the system.

  • Dow 30 Long Simulation
  • HAL Long Strategy
  • 2 Dollar and Under Simulation
  • Bank of America Simulation
  • Momentum Day Trading Strategy

Additional Strategy Information:

Dow 30 strategy

This strategy will create a Watch List of the Dow 30 stocks. The Automated Trader will then use technical indicators to determine if the stocks are trending up or trending down. This strategy will typically buy and sell symbols and turn inventory and generate profits. DOW 30 companies include Microsoft, Intel, JP Morgan, Pfizer and Merck to name few. There’s no need to spend countless hours looking at charts and graphs to determine quality companies, as the Dow is full of them.

IRA and 401K Rollover Strategy

We have several example strategies for simulating with Retirement Accounts. You could begin simulating with just the long side of any of the previous mentioned strategies and the systems will determine optimal times to open positions, add to positions and close positions 100% unattended.

Build Your Own Strategy

Incorporate hundreds of Rules, technical indicators and variables to create your perfect strategy. Apply your rules to all symbols or a handful of your favorite stocks to create and optimize the perfect trading system. Call today for free setup and instruction.

  • Disclaimer: The example strategies are for demonstration purposes only. CoolTrade, CoolTrader Pro and Robotic Trading Systems do not make buy, sell, or hold recommendations. Unique experiences and past performances do not guarantee future results. CoolTrade and Robotic Trading Systems are software related companies and not licensed broker dealers. Investing in the stock market can be considered high risk and participants should consult with their financial advisors regarding risk and suitability.