Online Robotic Stocktrader



3 Step – Trading

  • Download Software

    Cooltrade runs on your personal computer and connects to your online Brokerage account.

  • Select a Strategy

    Select the strategies one time and then tool looks at the market and recognizes BUY/SELL opportunities.

  • Walk Away

    After this it executes all your trades on your behalf in stealth mode all day, no Babysitting

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Jennifer P. Peoria, AZ

I started using CoolTrade a month ago and after 30 days it closed 55 trades and made a profit of almost six-and-a-half percent. And out of those 55 trades, 40 of them were short positions. It’s a beautiful thing.


Welcome to ORST

Online Robotic Stock Trader is a computer technology and marketing company specializing in the CoolTrade stock trading platform. Robotic Stock Trading is a form of artificial intelligence referred to as the next generation of automated stock trading. The first robotic trading system was pioneered by CoolTrade, Inc. company founder/developer Ed Barsano. In contrast with automated systems that execute trade orders once, a robotic trader is capable of executing a user-defined trading strategy continuously and instantaneously without user intervention. The robotic trader acts as a trading surrogate to monitor complex stock market indicators and…

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CoolTrade and CoolTradePro do not make buy, sell, or hold recommendations.